Safe Systems Deadman Control Switch (Electric) Repair Kit


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Control Switch (Electric) Repair-Kit is the repair kit for our (50-120) Safe Systems Deadman Control Switch (Electric). Everything you need to bring this deadman switch back to life!

Control Switch (Electric) Repair-Kit Instructions

  • Remove back plate on the Deadman switch body by removing four (4) phillips head screws.  You can see the back of the switch.
  • Loosen strain relief curly item only.  This allows the wire to move freely.
  • Unscrew rubber trigger boot that is located around the “bat” of the switch.
  • Remove wire spade connections at the back of the switch from the switch.  Remember where the spade connectors go on the switch.
  • Remove hex nut holding the switch to the deadman switch body.
  • Remove switch from the deadman switch body and replace with a new one.
  • Screw on the new hex nut to the newly installed switch.
  • Reattach the wire spade connections at the back of the switch from the switch.
  • Screw on the new rubber trigger boot around the “bat” of the new switch.
  • Replace the gasket around the back plate.
  • Reinstall the back plate with new phillips head screws.


  • Safe Systems 6911-0020

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