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Here at Blue Dog Blasting, we’re here to help. We believe in making things easy. From buying replacement parts, to caring for and maintaining your sandblasting equipment, things should be easy. That's how we've developed our website, with ease in mind! Our Leaning Center is your resource guide to understanding machines, processes, parts and pieces better. We try to make abrasive blasting as uncomplicated as possible!
Below you can find our handy guides backed by decades of experience to help you buy and work smarter. If you have any questions about sandblasting gear, replacement parts or outfitting for a particular job, give us a call at 888-667-6756 or email [email protected] to speak to one of our sandblasting experts.
If there's something you need to learn more about, you're probably not the only one. Drop us a line and we'll see about getting a guide put together to help you and everyone else out. Don't forget to head over to our YouTube page where we have a bunch of videos that might help you figure things out. If not, you should at least get a laugh at our expense!

Blasting Equipment Guides

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