Types of Metering Valves

Metering Valves

Return Types of Metering Valves Choosing the right metering valve can be tricky. Even just calling it a metering valve has it’s issues. Some people call them grit valves, or abrasive valves. To be clear, we’re going to be going over the different types of valves on the market that go on your blast pot to meter or limit how … Read More

Contractor Thread vs. Standard Thread

Contractor Thread vs. Standard Thread

Return Contractor Thread vs. Standard Thread We carry several different nozzle couplings on our site.  From aluminum to nylon; standard coupling to threaded quick coupling; contractor to standard thread, we have you covered.  Each have their advantages and disadvantages.  Let’s dive into Contractor thread vs. Standard thread. What we’ve got for threading Always make sure your nozzle and your nozzle … Read More

Abrasive Blast System Sizing Guide

system sizing guide

Return Abrasive Blast System Sizing Guide With Blue Dog on your team, you have access to the expertise that only comes with decades of sandblasting experience. The table below should be used as reference only. Actual results may vary depending on specific abrasive medium used. For more specific questions, call 888-667-6756 or email sales@bluedogblasting.com to speak with an expert today. … Read More

Nozzle Material Guide

nozzle material guide

Return Nozzle Material Guide All sandblasting nozzles have limited life spans and choosing the cheapest option may not always be the best option.  That’s why we put together the Nozzle Material Guide! But what nozzle material delivers the best bang for your buck?  This abrasive blasting nozzle material guide should help answer that question. Ceramic Nozzles Ceramic nozzles have been … Read More


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