Tungsten Carbide Water Induction Nozzle with Aluminum Jacket and 2″ Contractor (50mm) Threads




The tungsten carbide water induction nozzle with aluminum jacket allows the user to wet blast via both adjustable water feed and adjustable venturi air injector ports for optimum air/water atomization. This nozzle reduces the amount of dust creating while blasting by having the water mist droplets attach to the dust and knock it to the ground.  Also called a WIN, these nozzles also feature contractor threading to prevent cross thread issues while on the job site.  With this threading, check out the nozzle holders below to make sure you’re ready to get blasting! Each nozzle comes with a washer for quick assembly.  Your nozzle will also come with the water connection line and shutoff valve w/ 3/8″ barb.

If you’ve been thinking about giving wet blasting a try and don’t want to invest in a GBT, give one of our WIN nozzles a try!

Features of the Tungsten Carbide Water Induction Nozzle:

  • Durable aluminum jacket
  • Tungsten carbide liner
  • Air and water are both fully adjustable
  • All are 50mm 2″ coarse contractor thread
  • All have 1-1/4″ throat entry
  • Can be used dry, as a conventional nozzle

Contractor thread nozzle holders:


All of our WIN nozzles have aluminum contractor threads.  It’s not suggested to use an aluminum nozzle holder, so we highly suggest our Nylon contractor thread nozzle holders.  These are found under couplings, use the link above, or scroll to the bottom under “You may also like.”  While you’re down there, grab a pack of replacement washers!  10-122

Blue Dog Blasting SKU #:
  • (#4) 10-701, 1/4 in
  • (#5) 10-702, 5/16 in
  • (#6) 10-703, 3/8 in
  • (#7) 10-704, 7/16 in
  • (#8) 10-705, 1/2 in

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