Tungsten Carbide XL Long Venturi Nozzle 1-1/4″ NPSM Brass Thread, Poly Jacket




For ages, Tungsten Carbide has been the go-to nozzle material.  Seems only fitting to make a Tungsten Carbide XL Nozzle!  The XL means High Performance!

Why use a Tungsten Carbide XL Nozzle?

  1.  These nozzles accelerate your media over a longer distance (about 12 inches worth of nozzle!)
  2.  Because the media achieves higher exit velocities, you can stand further away from the surface being blasted (helps with high walls or ceilings)
  3.  By producing a larger blast pattern you increase your production rates. (AKA reduced abrasive and labor costs)
  4. These nozzles do not require any more CFM from your compressor
  5.  Last but not least, a foot long nozzle looks cool!


  • Kennametal T159-VP series

OEM Equivalent:

  • (12-203) Dustless Blasting 134604/001
Blue Dog Blasting SKU #
  • 12-203, #5 nozzle and 12-206 #8 nozzle are in stock and will ship out today.  If you need any other size, please Contact Us.  We can easily order it and/or start stocking it for you.

Beware of using brass threaded nozzles with brass threaded nozzle holders they may become stuck or inseparable over time.  Instead, try a Nylon Nozzle Coupling or an Aluminum Nozzle Coupling.   These nozzles have the largest entry possible to increase your production rates.  Because of this, they do not use a nozzle washer.  Please make sure your nozzle holder is far enough on your hose that your nozzle butts up to the hose for a tight seal.

Additional information

Weight 4.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 2 in

12-203 (#5) 5/16" ID, 12" Long, 12-206 (#8) 1/2" ID, 12" Long