Twin line Crimp Ring for Empire/Schmidt style


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The twin line crimp ring goes over 3/16″ ID x 3/8 OD” twin line (aka duel line) hose.  It holds the Schmidt/Empire style 1/4″ and 1/8″ hose ends onto the hose.

To make your own twin line, you would need to purchase four crimp rings and two each of the 1/4″ and 1/8″ hose ends.  Unlike the Clemco style, these swivel ends are crimped onto the hose with these crimp rings.  After the ring is crimped, it is not reusable.  The crimp ring does require a special crimp tool to crimp over the swivels and hose to get a tight seal.


When making your own twinline hose, make sure you place your crimp rings over the hose before you push in your swivel ends.  The ends are not easy to pull out if you forget to do this first!  Always remember to put the same size swivel end on each side of the twin line.  For example, put the 1/4″ swivel end on the twin line with the black stripe and writing.  Then make sure you put the other 1/4″ swivel end on the same hose with the black stripe and writing.  If you mix these, your deadman either won’t shut off the flow, or won’t allow the flow of media for blasting.

If it sounds too daunting, let us make the line for you!  We carry 30 feet for your 25 foot blast hose, or 55 feet for your 50 foot blast hose.  If you need a more specific size, contact us and we’ll make whatever size you need.

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