Empire/Clemco Style 1/8″ NPT Adaptor


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An 1/8″ NPT Adaptor is a valve fitting for blast pots and blast cabinet components.  1/8″ NPT Adaptor is most commonly used to connect the twin line hose ends and our Clemco style Pneumatic (Bleeder type) control handles. With that said, NPT/UNF Adaptors are versatile fittings that provide a wide range of robust connections. It will connect to a variety of hose ends, tubing,  hydraulic equipment and many other fluid systems as well.  The Adaptor will connect the twin line hose to the pipe string of your blast pot, and completes the internal assembly to Suction Blast Guns for Clemco and Empire Blast Cabinets as well.

This component has Male NPT thread on one half of the body and threads with a 37° M-flared tip on the other half.  Because of its design you can connect to UNF rigid lances with machine screw threads with this M-Flare style tip.  Use thread sealant to achieve a leak free seal.

Connects hoses like our 30 foot or 55 foot twin lines.
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1/8″ NPT Adaptor OEM Equivalent:

Clemco – 01940

IDS – 460-0719

A-BEC Industries – 460-0719

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