Clemco Style Twinline Hose Ends (Reusable)


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Thse Clemco twin line hose ends (reusable) fit Clemco Style TLR remote controls and standard 3/16 twinline.  These Clemco style ends are all one size– something you won’t find with Empire and Schmidt styles.  They are also easily reusable unlike the Empire and Schmidt ends.  For proper set-up, you will need four in total for your twinline. (ends only; does not include hose.  For ends and hose, click for 30 feet or 55 feet).

How to Install Clemco Twin Line Hose Ends:

Use two wrenches to tighten the hose end onto your hose.  As you tighten, the nut automatically compresses the hose keeping the hose end in place.  Simply loosen and undo to take off of the hose if needed.

OEM Equivalents:

  • Clemco 01943

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  • 50-163

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