Safety Cable or Whip Check

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Safety Cable or Whip Check as it’s often referred to as is used as a safety precaution in case of a hose blow out.  The last thing you want on your job site is a pressurized hose flailing around!  The safety cable or whip check is a braided steel cable with a loop on each end.  If you’re connecting two hoses, slide the loops over each end of the two hoses where the hose couplings connect.  When you’re connecting your hose to the blast pot, slide one loop over the tank coupling and one loop over the hose.  This will hold the hose if the connection comes undone.

Don’t forget to add one to your air hose at the compressor and the blast pot too!  This is a safety product; you can never have too many!!

Product info for Safety Cable or Whip Check:

There are different sizes and types of safety cable or whip check.  We stock some of the more popular ones.  Choose the best fit for your operation from the drop down menu.

The two types of Whip Checks are Hose to Hose and Hose to Equipment.  All of the whip checks available here are Hose to Hose.  If you need hose to equipment whip checks or a size not listed, contact us.

OEM Equivalent:

  • 80-110 = Marco 1018000, Clemco 15012, A-BEC 195-4676, Graco 17D786
  • 80-111 = Marco 1018001, Clemco 15013, A-BEC 195-4677
  • 80-112 =

Blue Dog SKU #’s:

  • 80-110 = fits over 1/2″to 1″ hose. Made of 1/8″ spring loaded galvanized steel cable. 20″ long.  Max working pressure of 200 psi
  • 80-111 = fits over 1-1/2″ to 3″ hose. Made of 1/4″ spring loaded galvanized steel cable. 38″ long.  Max working pressure of 250 psi
  • 80-112 = fits over 3″ to 4″ hose.  Made of 3/8″ spring loaded galvanized steel cable.  44″ long.  Max working pressure of 250 psi
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Weight N/A
Dimensions 6 × .5 × .5 in

80-110 is 1/2" to 1", 80-111 is 1-1/2" to 3", 80-112 is 3" to 4"