RPB® T-link Tear Off Lens Replacement

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We carry all RPB T-Link™ replacement lens – Tear Offs and complete Clear-Vison Cassette.  All made by RPB specifically for the T-Link Respirator System. The T-Link respirator system has an assigned protection factor of 1000!  Use the drop-down and pick what you need!

T-Link™ Replacement Lens

Your ability to see has been at the for front of their designed process, with the T-link boasting a large visor that enables you to easily connect with your surroundings. The T-Link™ Replacement Tear Off Lens allows you to maintain a clear site picture after heavy use. With that said, the lenses are very easy to replace and maintain. Supported by the Tychem® hood that securely attaches to the headtop it ensures your downward and peripheral vision is never compromised.  This is a great option for anyone in the Paint or Sandblasting industry.

Tear-Off Lens:

RPB Tear-off lenses are made specifically for the T-Link Respirator.  Sold as a 25 pack only.


  • 17-815

Blue Dog SKU#:

  • RPB-17-815

Clear-Vision Cassette Lens:

RPB has made these Cassette lenses specifically for the T-Link Respirator.  Sold as a Pack of (10) 7-Layer Sets.


  • 17-817

Blue Dog SKU#:

  • RPB-17-817

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

17-815 T-Link Tear Off Lens (25pck), 17-817 T-Link Cassette Lens (7layer)