RPB® Radex Airline Filter

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The Radex airline filter by RPB comes with a large capacity, 6-stage filter cartridge and a unique twist-and-lock wall or floor mounting system.  We stock both the 04-900 Two outlet system and the 04-906 six outlet system.  That said, the 04-900 can be used for either one person and the GX4 gas monitor, one person alone, or two persons.   The 04-906 has six outlets.  That means it can support up to six people or five persons and one GX4 gas monitor.

Other Features of the Radex Airline Filter Include:

  • Instant air pressure control – outlet pressure regulator provides the ability to adjust air pressure at a range of 0-125 psi.
  • Quick disconnect coupler – compatible with brands like Aro, Cejn, Dixon, and Rectus.
  • Large capacity filter cartridge – 6-stage filter cartridge that removes moisture and particulates to 0.5 micron and odor from the compressed air stream.
  • Optional auto drain valve – continually removes moisture from the filter housing, increasing the lifespan of the filter cartridge.


  • 04-900 & 04-906

Blue Dog SKU#:

  • RPB-04-900
  • RPB-04-906
OEM Equivalent:
  • 04-900
    • Dustless Blasting 134862/001
    • Empire 538142

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PLEASE NOTE: Photographed with the 55-516 Steel 2 Lug Male 1″ NPT Chicago fitting – NOT INCLUDED.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 10 in

RPB-04-900, RPB-04-906