RPB® GX4 Gas Monitor System

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RPB® GX4 Gas Monitor – Supplied/Compressed breathing air monitor, alarm and recording monitor compatible with Radex Airline Filter . RPB GX4 Monitor continuously tests the quality of the supplied breathing air. With that said, the monitor tests for a range of contaminants including Carbon Monoxide (CO)*. The GX4 then alerts the operator wearing the respirator immediately if contamination is detected. The unit has built in alarms, Wi-Fi, and data logging capabilities and keeps up to 2 years of breathing air data. View your air quality in real time from any connected device through smart device and cloud integration capabilities. Sensors for this device are found under the variants: select options above! The Description is below

RPB® GX4 Gas Monitor – Package Numbers

GX4 Gas Monitor, US plug – no sensors   08-400

GX4 Gas Monitor, 12V battery clips – no sensor   08-401



Carbon Monoxide (CO) 10ppm – SKU: 08-420-01

Carbon Monoxide (CO) – SKU: 08-420-02

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 10ppm – SKU: 08-420-03

Oxygen (O2) 19.5% -23% – SKU: 08-420-04


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RPB-08-401-01 GX4 W/ Plug, RPB-08-420-01 (CO) 10ppm, RPB-08-420-02(CO) 5ppm, RPB-08-420-03 (H2S) 10ppm, RPB-08-420-04 (O2) 19.5% -23%