Radex® Pressure Regulators

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Radex® Pressure Regulator – RPB® – Both the standard and High Flow Pressure Regulator are available for purchase. The Best way to control/adjust the air pressure to Radex Airline Filter. Thread the complete Radex® Pressure Regulator into the INLET port on the body of the Radex Airline Filter unit and tighten or connect it to the inlet of the Micro Mist Filter or the Main Line Pre filter.

Radex Pressure Regulator – Complete system

Air pressure must be continually monitored at the point of attachment.  Furthermore, the Radex® Airline Filter needs sufficient airflow to work properly.  With that said, the accepted practice is about 5-10% pressure drop during adjustments. The pressure drop is the same whether the pipe is 10ft or 100ft (3m-30m) long, but the diameter of the pipe required will vary with the length. The required CFM (LPM) range, for the Radex®, is 12-80CFM. Also, the flow range used depends on the flow control device being used.  Air pressure must be read from a reliable pressure gauge, while the respirator has air flowing through it, as required by applicable standards and regulations.

Radex Pressure Regulators – Standard

Regulates pressure for the Radex 2 outlet system

Blue Dog SKU: RPB-04-914

OEM Equivalent

Pirate Brand – 408011-LG

IDS – 04-914

Radex Pressure Regulators – High Flow

Regulates pressure for the Radex 6 outlet systems

Blue Dog SKU: RPB-04-962


OEM Equivalent

Pirate Brand – 407962

IDS – 04-962



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(RPB-04-914) Standard Pressure Regulator, (RPB-04-962) High Flow Pressure Regulator