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These 4 Lug Hose Fitting are made to work with the 1-1/2 & 1-1/4 inch air supply hose.  It is made out of plated ductile iron.  Insert the barbed shank end into the air supply hose and hold secure with a 4 bolt clamp.  There is a special lip molded into this hose end so the clamp holds it securely in place.  This Chicago style fitting is quarter turn, so push, twist, and it locks into place.  Stay Safe by using a safety pin in the pre-drilled hole on the 4 lug side.  Stay even safer by using a whip check cable around your air hose and equipment.

Compatible Part Reference guide:

55-107 One and a half inch air supply hose

55-630 Four bolt clamp

55-520 Four lug Female NPT

55-901 Four lug air coupling rubber gasket



OEM equivalents:

Marco 10HE4

IDS UH-150

Blue Dog Blasting SKU:


4 Lug Hose Fitting 1-1/4″

Compatible Part Reference guide:

 One and a quarter inch air supply hose

Four bolt clamp

Four lug Female NPT

Four lug air coupling rubber gasket



OEM equivalents:

Marco 10HE3

IDS UH-125

Blue Dog Blasting SKU:



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