Air Supply Hose Couplings.  Use these Chicago fittings to make your own Air Supply Hose and pusher lines.  The couplings in this category are not intended for use with Blast hose unless specifically described.  They are to be used with Air Supply Hose where ONLY AIR and not media are passing through.

We stock 2-lug and 4-lug fittings.  You’ll find 2-lug fittings on smaller pots, blast cabinets, or on breathing air components.  4-lug fittings are usually found on larger blast equipment like 6 cubic foot pots and larger.

Male and female thread available for connecting to your compressor or machine.  We also sell the clamps to hold your fittings on safely.  Oh, and swivel ends!  Now you can make your own pusher line or any custom length supply line.

If there’s an air supply coupling that you need and don’t see, contact us to see if we can get it for you.

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