Abrasive blasting is a complex process that can easily go wrong, which can damage equipment and require blasting projects to be re-done. Using the wrong type of hose, fitting, valve, nozzle, or coupling for a specific type of system can lead to wasted time, project delays and improperly functioning equipment. Improper flow, clogs, abnormal wear, pitting of blast surfaces, environmental contamination and occupational hazards are some of the common factors that can delay projects and drive up costs.

Blue Dog Blasting is the premier supplier of abrasive blasting parts and supplies, created for contractors by contractors. Our expert team brings over 30 years’ blasting experience, and we are familiar with most major types of equipment. We carry a wide variety of nozzles, hoses and couplings for most common applications, and we can help you quickly find the correct parts for your system. Here are just a few reasons to choose Blue Dog Blasting:

  • Expert staff with in-depth knowledge about the abrasive blasting process
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  • Same-day shipping on orders placed by 2:00 pm Eastern Time
  • Multiple distribution points in the US
  • Hassle-free return policy
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