Blue Dog Radio Episode 10 – Blast Ninja Nozzle (Quiet Nozzle) by OceanIt

Ashton Principe

Blast Ninja PRO Quiet Nozzle – 1-1/4? (threads) will make sandblasting 98% less noisy. Designed for the US Department of Defense, US Government, and Industrial customers serious about reducing noise exposure. Get up to 17 dB in noise reduction and stay within OSHA mandated noise exposure limits 29 CFR 1910.95 with the Blast Ninja™ PRO Nozzle – a 97% reduction in sound energy. Quiet Nozzles are Ideal for sandblasting projects that need to be done in residential environments. We have the nozzle available in 1/4? ID, 5/16?ID and 3/8?ID which will allow a broad range of spray for any job.